29 January 2011

There are no words.

Yesterday was brutal. I was a mess. Currently typing this in the Jo-burg airport waiting (seven hours) to catch my flight to Sydney. And all I can think about is Haines and Dulla and my Mighty Mighty Jambiani.

I break into tears pretty much at the drop of the hat, but then one of the vols had to go and post this picture and I fuckin' lost it. Wow, does this feeling hurt...

Both Dulla and Toni said to me before I left that they were 100% sure that they'd see me back in Jambiani again. God, I hope they're right. It would hurt too much if I were to disappoint them.

Currently am too numb and exhausted to type much more. Maybe after I catch up on all of my movies (thank you 14 hours of free movies, Qantas!) and am shoved back into culture shock mode.

My heart was just left behind in Zanzi, but what I have to spare I'm sending to you guys.

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