29 September 2010


Well, chaps, I have finally made it to Nairobi after about a gatrillion hours in airports and on numerous planes. Sleep total since Sunday evening: about four hours. And it's now Wednesday, 29 Sept, 2010 at 5.12 p and I have to wake up in about 12 hours to make my flight to Zanzi. Don't you just love it when mothers schedule your flights for ridiculous times? ;)

And since I have no ability to sleep on flights, I ended up watching abooooout 6 films? They, and my reactions to them, are as follows:
  • Sherlock Holmes - even though I despise Jude Law, I'm pretty much hooked on the franchise. And the fact that Stephen Fry was just announced to be attached to the sequel (PLEASE, let it be Professor Moriarty!) makes me even more excited.
  • Date Night - had seen it before, but Tina Fey and Steve Carrell never cease to impress me.
  • Avatar - Sam Worthington. Enough said.
  • Iron Man 2 - I was on a Robert Downey Jr binge. Haven't seen the first one, so obviously had no idea the background for any of this shit, but RDJ can really do no wrong. Unless it's Less Than Zero, which was just... wrong.
  • How to Train Your Dragon - blissful brain candy. And who wouldn't want to listen to a whole movie where you get to hear the Scot-ness of Gerry Butler and Craig Ferguson? 
Ok, so there were about 5, although I feel as I'm forgetting one, so that list could vary. Right now, just kind of vegging out in the hotel, getting ready to order room service for dinner, watch last night's Glee (BRITNEY! Thank you, Wi-fi!), and maybe an episode of Supernatural. Who knows? Hopefully the next update or two will be a little less Western/consumerist and a bit more about re-adjusting to life back in Africa.

Miss you all.

26 September 2010


Yeah, so I forgot to let you guys all know where you can send me snail mail (which I absolutely adore) while I'm gone. At least until I leave Africa. And then we'll reevaluate the situation. Haha. :)

Ms Hoppy (or however you may know me...)
c/o Timo or Megan Lehmann
PO Box 3422


And they're off...

So, I'm currently sitting in my swanky Chi apartment, next to mi madre, surrounded by all of my stuff that's getting packed up within the next two days. Today has been completely non-productive at all, so tomorrow - yeah, it's going to be absolute hell. Putting everything you own in either two-ish suitcases and/or boxes to be driven home, it is incredibly unnerving.

I've been trying the best way to describe my feelings right now and I'm having a hard time. Like, I'm absolutely ecstatic about heading back to Jambiani and being with Toni, Dulla, and all my little kids again. I really am, you please have to believe me. But I've gotten to the point in my life where I feel as if I have a 'life' here in Chicago. I have a steady, reliable (most of the time - with last night as one of the exceptions) group of friends. I have been working at this wonderful internship since January and have met some amazing people through it. I'm worried that life isn't going to be the same as it is right now. I'm not 100% sure that I want it to be, even, but right now, it's comfortable. It's where I am in my life and I'm OK with it. And the next time I'll be back in Chicago for an extended period of time, it will be three years from now and I'll have been through more life-changing experiences than I ever thought a person could go through.
  • Heading back to Zanzibar for 5 months, working as a liaison between the volunteers and African Impact.
  • Hoping to summit Kilimanjaro with Mom.
  • Going somewhere with the Peace Corps for 27 months doing who knows what.   
Wish I could be more coherent at the moment, but I'm just completely overwhelmed. Plus I'm watching Forrest Gump. Once I finally get my act together (hopefully at least once more before I head to the airport) or once I get overseas, I'll try writing again. 

And I'm ready to be back here in a few days. Good lord, it's beautiful.