18 January 2011

Calendars at the ready?

Hello my lovely, lovely friends and family! I now have a tentative plan for my trip to Oz/NZ and the five weeks I shall be in the States before departing to the unknown of Kyrgsrueiwoabjklt-stan. :) Please pay attention and start planning accordingly, 'cause obviously I want to see each and every one of you as much as humanly possible. Haha.

Continuation of Holiday
30 Jan - 3 Feb: Sydney.
3 - 6 Feb: Melbourne.
6 - 16 Feb: Auckland/random places in NZ.

Back in the States
16 - 25 Feb: Omaha.
25 Feb - 1 (or 2) March: Chi!
1 (or 2) - 8 March: G'ma and G'pa's!
8 March: Williamsburg - ELLIOTTS!
9 - 14 March: DC - Caps/Hawks, Ri, and assorted family members.
14 - 17 March: NYC
17 (hopefully early enough!) - 19 March: Chi.
19 - 25 March: Omaha.

Hopefully this all makes sense. And as I said, it's all tentative, as we (Mom and I) haven't actually looked at tickets and such yet.


1 comment:

  1. I'm totally jealous that you have plans like this. God know we're trying to cram everything into the next 10 days and failing miserably. Oh well, life goes on :) Have a good time!

    Also, it's not goodbye if you say "See you later".