10 April 2011

I'm running out of creative titles...

**WARNING: This somehow turned out to be quite a long entry. I apologize in advance. I guess I had more on my mind than I previously thought!**

I have officially discovered one of THE MOST AMAZING feelings on the face of the planet. You might think I’m exaggerating, but I assure you, I’m not. Over the course of the past few days, I’ve been going through some massive homesickness – it happens to everyone, I’m not too worried about it – and this evening, it’s only mild. The reason: I washed my hair. It wasn’t even a fully body wash, it was literally head flipped over a bucket and pouring water over it. BLISS-FUCKING-FUL. I can deal with the not bathing for like a week at a time, seriously, I can; it’s just the greasy-ass hair gets to me. And here’s another thing: I think someone should do a study as to the effects/correlation between cleanliness and happiness, but my mood instantly brightened after I finished washing my hair. And the same when I banya-ed last weekend. Maybe it’s just the realization of and sudden appreciation for all the wonderful little things, but it’s one of my favourite things I’ve experienced. :) Just thinking about this now cracks me up – I cannot WAIT to see Christina’s reaction when I come in to have my hair cut in two years. Hahahahaha. Dying.

Another thing I’ve come to realize is that I sincerely love the fact that I have a relatively big family back in the States. Like, I am so not kidding about this one, guys. Granted I might not see them as much as I would like – silly me, for always jaunting around trying to ‘save the world’ – I love them with my entire being. But despite the fact that I don’t live with them, they’re still mine. They’re still my brothers and sister and I would not change that for the world. I was looking through pictures on iPhoto (I should seriously stop doing that, it is making me miss home likeitismyjob!) and those three blue-eyed beauties (along with Mike, I guess… ;)) consistently make me smile. For example, looking at a picture of Em, I just giggle to myself about all of the wonderfully blonde things she’s done. I think that’s one of the things I’m having the most difficulties coming to terms with: that I’m living with a relatively small host-family (whom I very much adore – my apa asked me yesterday if I was drunk because I was in my so-tired-I’m-giggly-and-giddy phase) while everyone else has lots of little tykes to play with all the time. Also the fact that I’m more than likely not going to see my own siblings for two years, making them 23 (ew, Mike, I do NOT like that!), 13-ish, 11, and 9. Trippy shit. What kinds of personalities are they going to have? Are they still going to think I’m awesome? What are they going to be doing with their lives? What kind of shenanigans will I have missed? I was already nervous enough about them growing up as it is, and how they’d turn out, before I left for the Peace Corps, let alone now… And yet I wouldn’t give any of ‘em up for the world nor can I imagine my life without them or the big family I pretend to see myself with in the future.

[Oh, before I forget, I’ve definitely been in a snail mail writing mood, so I need whomever wants snail mail from K-stan to somehow message (either by email or FB) their address and I’ll get on it. Also, if you’re in the process of sending me stuff, know that letters are the best option of actually getting to me before my swearing-in date on 1 June, whereas packages and the like are better sent when I get my permanent site address in a few weeks. The length of time it takes something to get here is relatively similar to how it was in Africa (letters – a few weeks, packages – a bit longer), so be advised. I really do love getting mail, especially as internet probably won’t be all that easy to get if I’m in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard. Everyone gotten the hint yet? ;)]

Another random tangent: had a massive epiphany today while talking to K-18s about permanent site placement. I think, if I were to ever become a teacher, I honestly think it would be with younger kids. I don’t know why. And this thinking might COMPLETELY change after I get ‘settled’ into my secondary school in June. I just feel that I’m too goofy and out-there to really be a steady and consistent teenage-ish age teacher. If that makes sense at all. I mean, I’ll teach whomever I have to, but I think I like the constant inter- and reaction that littler kids give you when you’re teaching. This might be biased because of the amazing experiences I had in Africa, but it could also be that I’m finally figuring out things about myself and what I want to do with my life. What do you guys think? Am I better suited to teach kids my own mental age (sometimes that of about a four year old) or the older thought where you can possibly get them in their brain-molding stage (totes channeling John Elliott on that one!)?

Also, did my boys COMPLETELY fuck up their chance in the playoffs?  Last time I checked, they had just lost a game and were 8th seed… Any hope for them to reclaim themselves before it’s playoff time or are the REIGNING STANLEY CUP CHAMPS going to get fall short this time around?  Just so everyone that knows hockey and reads this knows: I am currently rocking my Steeger Leafs shirt today. And even had my picture taken with one of the other PCTs ‘cause his girlfriend lives in Toronto. Yeah, life is entertaining.

Speaking of photos, I really wish that I had consistent enough internet access so I could upload a few pics from the last few weeks (there aren’t THAT many, just one or two of which I’m really proud) and let two episodes of Fringe finished loading off iTunes. Anyone with mad computer skills want to start sending me hard drives or something filled with movies and current TV so I can keep myself updated? More so new release movies than old ones – quite a few PCVs have HDs from which we can jack things. LOVE it.

This afternoon, when a huge chunk of the PCTs (and a few K-18s) came to our ‘stadium’ for an American Play Date, I got to talking with one of the other PCTs – ironically, he graduated from LUC four years before I did – about academia. I know, I’m totally that dork, but the guy is mad fucking brilliant. He got his Masters from the University of Kent (but did it in Brussels?) in like international conflict res analysis or something. Totally right up my alley as his general focus was Is/Pal (HILARY!). Anyway, we were talking about geeky/vital literature I should read on the subject and his thoughts on European v. American teaching methods, etc. when we got to the point of my story. All of this and talking to this kid makes me SO excited to get back to school. Of course, the whole thought of having to write a 5k word essay like twice a month – if not more – terrifies me, but the act of learning and being in such awesome places completely captivates me. Especially if it’s a subject I can’t stop learning about/love/feel is so important. I also asked him his thoughts on getting a Masters v. jumping straight into a PhD, like had been recommended to me before, really got my brain excited for what could happen after the Peace Corps. Anyone have any thoughts or feelings on the subject?

As of right now, I think that’s all that’s going through my head. I have a few days before I actually get internet on the 13th-ish, so I’ll probs add a few things here or there before then. Know I love you all.

PS – Seriously, WHEN IS THE SOUNDTRACK FOR CATCH ME IF YOU CAN GOING TO COME OUT?! I’m going CRAZY with only a few promo/stolen tracks from the show. I need some more Norbert singin’ jazz/blues and Aaron Tveit completely KILLING it in every song he sang (aka ‘Goodbye’ – it’s pretty much on repeat my entire life). Mom, seriously, as soon.as.you.get.it, can you please send it to me?! Along with H2SiB and DrZ? And whatever else?
PPS –  (Updated at 10.05 p on 12 April 2011) My family’s cow had a baby last night. I’m kind of in love with it. Can someone figure it out so that I’ll be able to have one when I get home? That’d be great, please and thanks. :)

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