21 April 2011

Cannot wait to meet Jillian Lee Gann. LIKE MY JOB.

I’m not entirely sure that this entry will have much coherence, but just roll with it. Fairly certain, as well, that it may or may not make a lot of sense. Important things since the last update:

-       I’m having MASSIVE amounts of American food withdrawal. It’s never hit me this hard before, seriously. But I would seriously push down small children for the ability to have a nice bacon cheeseburger. Not even lying. Or little things like Doritos/Baked Cheetos and popcorn as snack-like things? Bring. That. Shit. On. The worst part: I’m very quickly using up my stash of goodies (only ONE bag of ChexMix left!). ‘Cause I haven’t quite worked myself up to the point where I can ask my host-family for hot water to bust out my cinnamon oatmeal or my EasyMac. Yeah, judge me. Dare you.
-       Found out today at lunch that I have to CONGRATULATE SKIPPY! Holy balls, I am so proud of you and excited to meet her. Tell her AuntieHop says hi from Kyrgyzstan! :) Once life calms down a bit, I want to see about a bazillion pictures ASAP. Also, give my best to the NewPapaSkip.
-       Someone tell me: is Stones into Schools worth reading? It’s the second Greg Mortenson book (the guy who wrote Three Cups of Tea) and I’ve heard that it’s pretty much identical to TCoT and not quite sure if I want to spend my time reading the same thing all over. Help me out?
-       I’m pretty sure that Mom already posted this on your wall, but Diana, seriously thank you so flipping much for taking me out to dinner my last night in the States. I very much needed that last dose of family; I wasn’t quite ready to give it all up for two years yet. It was SO NICE to shoot the shit with someone who has the same sense of humour and downs margaritas like I do and who makes me eat silly fried pickle chips. I’m not sure you quite understand how much those letters and whole ‘goodbye-package’ really meant to me and that it’s SO NICE to have those reassuring words when I’m having a shitty day. Thank you sososososososo much. Honestly. I am so excited for you and what’s goin’ to happen in September. Wish I could be there, but know I’m thinkin’ of you and wishing you THE best of luck. <3
-       Hey, remember that cow I talked about last time? The one who had a baby? Well, I’m fairly positive, that said bovine ATE ONE OF MY SOCKS OFF THE CLOTHES LINE. I mean, I’m sure it’s a little bit my fault’ cause it was a green sock and it was within its reach, but come on, cow! Note to self: don’t let it happen again. Or if it does, make sure it’s the other half to that pair. *facepalm* KWA, I guess.
-       I also heard today that my boys are like 0-3 with the ‘Nucks for Round One. WHAT THE ABSOLUTE EFF?! What the hell went wrong? Anyone who’s watched the games, tell me what the fuck’s up? Is it just lack of a strong line or cohesion with the group? Or did the ‘Nucks just infinitely step up their game and we just couldn’t handle it? Hope the next two playoffs I miss won’t be like this. Jesus Christ.

What else has gone on in my life? So much has happened and yet so little out of the ordinary… We had our site placement interviews last week and I am absolutely clueless as to where I’m going to end up. I told them I was relatively open to go wherever. Only stipulations were things like: internet about once a week, I don’t need it daily, by any means; relatively close to volunteers (hopefully they’ll be good ones!); and I found out that my language teacher that I have right now is going to be a counterpart for a PCV, so I called and said that if I were to be put in Talas – where she’s from – that I’d want to be partnered with her. Talas, for everyone that’d unaware (which I’m assuming is most of you), is on the western edge of the county and apparently is one of the most isolated places to go, especially during winter. I guess there’s like a giant mountain pass between the main city and Bishkek that is basically impassable during the winter. Or you’ll just end up seeing parts of Kazakhstan if you really need to get to the capital in the winter months. Haha. Also, there’s like an unspoken rule that only certain types of personalities, ones that can handle the isolation and whatnot, get put in Talas. I don’t know why exactly, but I keep having this feeling that that’s where I’m going to end up. Don’t think I’m too fussed, so long as there will be bomb volunteers around that I can lean on if needed.

OMG – I JUST REALIZED! Doesn’t Water for Elephants come out this weekend?! Shut the front door. If this is accurate, I’m going to need a review (that doesn’t give away too much) ASAP. And let me know if RPattz continues to be as gorgeous as ever. Seriously, that boy… Yum. Jess, I know one is coming for this and for the beginning of DW (also this weekend, right?), but if someone wants to give a brief email/FB review, I’m totes down with that as well. Also, if someone has the soundtrack to the new version of Jane Eyre – composer Dario Marianelli, the same guy who did Atonement – pleasepleaseplease find a way to get it to me. I have one track and it’s stunning.

I’m trying to rack my absolutely-fried brain if there’s anything else I should be taking this time to tell you. Host fam’s fine. We’re heading into the ‘hardest week of PST’ next week – not excited about that one at all. Keep me in your thoughts and fingers crossed for me. Language is still kickin’ my ass. Just finished a bomb-ass candy cane that Ms Elliott gave me before I left; it was delicious, for those of you that were wondering. Write to me; let me know what’s going on in YOUR lives. Keep me updated. I am really trying to rack my brain, ‘cause I am going through procrastination mode. Do NOT want to bust out the homework (even thought it’s NOT a lot!) and finish it for tomorrow’s language class. Yuck. Anyway, you know I love you all and am thinkin’ of you.

PS – Also, if anyone feels so inclined to send me swanky stickers that they think I would put on my water bottle, I’m TOTALLY willing to receive thoughs. Haha. It can be a silly as a sticker of the Sears/Willis Tower. Or one from the UK or New Zealand (*cough*Ffi/Jess and Kathryn*cough*), that works too. At the moment, it’s quite bare with only the Oz flag, the Tanzanian flag, and the SCUBA flag. Lame. ;)


  1. And Jillian can't wait to meet you either!!!
    Love, Skip

  2. Holy grey text on a grey background picture Batman! Don't let Dave see it. (Jeff not Sam)