26 March 2011

Let's do this.

Here we all are. In the waiting area at JFK four hours before our flight to Istanbul. Talk about fucking surreal. It seriously doesn’t feel like I’m hours (well, days really) from getting to this place that I’ve been thinking and hearing about for MONTHS. It doesn’t feel real that I’m going to be with all 43 of these people pretty much every day for the next three months and by the end of this they’re going to be my ‘family.’ Completely unreal.

The past like week has been insanely rough, I’m not gonna lie. So much to the point that I really don’t think that I’ll be able to write about it just now for fear of me just drowning my computer and one of the other PCVs who’s sitting next to me. Awkward, right?

I also wish that I could come up with a much better entry to have as my exceptional ‘last one from the States,’ but apparently, my only 7 hours of sleep in the past 3 days is kind of kicking my ass. And it’s only going to get more awesome when I won’t sleep through my flight to the ‘Bul (10 hours) and then a gihugic layover and the swanky 6 hours to Bishkek getting in at a BEAUTIFUL 2 am. And THEN to make it even more awesome – we have to go straight to work a few hours later. BAM! We’re awesome.

Scared shitless about what’s ahead, but at the same time excited. Everyone’s relatively awesome, so hopefully it won’t seem like torture being with them EVERY DAY. Haha. Just kidding, it’ll be awesome. Ready to get my ass kicked.

Everyone keep me updated on your lives. Seriously. I want to know. And I’ll try to do the same with the blog, but you know the whole internet in rural areas thing. ;)

OH! And before I forget (which I totally did already):

Kyrgyzstan                                             Кыргызстан           
722140, Kant City                                ин. 722140, г. Кант
97 Lenina Street, RUPS                      ул. Ленина 97, РУПС
Mailbox #22                                          аб. ящик № 22
Sarah Hopkins


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  1. LOL! "SEND ME STUFF!" Nothing subtle about you Sarah! Okay, now that I've got your address I'll be posting you something but it'll probably take months to get there - wherever Yak land really is?? Don't be greedy, share with the farmer! :)
    Linda (from the JAM)